After much consideration we have decided to host a monitoring season from August 15th – November 15th.

However, there will be some modifications, click here to find out what you need to know or to refresh your monitoring skills!

Monitoring Resources

Click on the links below to download copies of our monitoring protocol, data sheets, and marine mammal ID guide for print. We are also happy to provide you with additional printed copies of these materials upon request.

Opportunistic Sighting (download)
Monitoring Protocol (download)
Data Forms and Monitoring Key (download)
Guide to Marine Mammals in Cook Inlet (download)
AKBMP Monitoring Orientation Presentation (download)
Monitoring Site Locations (download)
Photo-ID Project Image Capture Guidelines (download)
Spring 2020 Kenai Orientation Recording (view)
Spring 2020 Anchorage Orientation Recording (view)

Monitoring Volunteer Forms

Please click on the links below to download our partner organization’s monitoring forms and waivers. These must be completed prior to attending a monitoring session; paper forms will be available at each of our monitoring orientations. Volunteers monitoring at Ship Creek, Bird Point, or Twentymile River should complete and return BWA’s forms and volunteers monitoring at the Kenai or Kasilof Rivers should complete and return AWA’s forms. If you plan to monitor in the upper Inlet (Anchorage or Turnagain Arm) and the middle Inlet (Kenai and Kasilof Rivers), please fill out both organizations’ volunteer forms.

Beluga Whale Alliance (BWA) Forms (download)
Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA) Forms (download)

Monitoring Session Signup

Please click on the links below to signup for a monitoring session. Each form corresponds with a particular monitoring site; please double check that you have the correct site when signing up for a session. Prior to signing up for a monitoring session, we ask that you first attend an in-person AKBMP monitoring orientation during which we will provide you with more information on our monitoring programs and introduce you to our monitoring protocols and data sheets. We post information about our upcoming monitoring orientations on our website under the Get Involved tab, as well as on our Facebook Page . Each monitoring session schedule is updated at the beginning of each month to include open sessions for the subsequent month.

Ship Creek (Anchorage) Session Signup
(Bird Point) Mile Marker 95.5 Pull-Out Session Signup
Twentymile River Session Signup
Kenai River Session Signup
Kasilof River Session Signup

Data Entry

Please use the following online form to enter your monitoring data after each session you attend; only one volunteer in attendance at season needs to enter the monitoring data from that session. If you have any questions about this process or encounter any difficulties, please contact

AKBMP Online Data Entry Form

*One volunteer from each session should enter session data into this online form.

*Please ensure that you click all the way through the end of the form when you have finished entering your data and hit SUBMIT to record your entry.

AKBMP Data Form Archive Folder

*Digitize your data forms by taking photos of them and combining them into one PDF file.

*Please save compiled data sheets using the format: Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName

AKBMP Image Upload Folder

*Please save images using the format: Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName

*If multiple images from the same day add the number to the end (Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName_01, Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName_02, etc.)

Helpful Links

NOAA Fisheries: Species Directory, Beluga Whale

Learn about the biology and ecology of beluga whales, including their appearance, distribution, behavior, diet, threats, conservation status, and management. Access the NOAA archive containing recent scientific reports and journal articles on this iconic species.

NOAA Fisheries: Alaska Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines

Learn about how you can prevent marine mammal disturbance while viewing marine mammals in the wild.

NOAA Fisheries: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Recovery Plan

Provides background on the Cook Inlet beluga whale and highlights the potential threats this population faces based on our current knowledge.

NOAA: Citizen Science Defined

See how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration defines citizen science and check out other citizen science projects they support along our coasts!