Sighting Log

This log will be updated weekly as volunteers submit their sightings to AKBMP database using our online data entry form. All of the data below was collected by AKBMP monitoring volunteers during a scheduled monitoring session.  Data not yet submitted into our database will not be displayed below.

Ship Creek (Anchorage)

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
8/15/19Ship Creek7:35 PM9:35 PM0
8/16/19Ship Creek8:02 PM10:00 PM5
8/17/19Ship Creek8:01 AM8:17 AM0
8/19/19Ship Creek9:10 AM11:10 AM0
8/21/19Ship Creek10:21 AM12:21 PM0
8/22/19Ship Creek11:06 AM1:07 PM0
8/24/19Ship Creek1:25 PM3:25 PM0
8/25/19Ship Creek3:02 PM5:02 PM0
8/26/19Ship Creek4:22 PM6:22 PM0
8/27/19Ship Creek5:50 PM7:50 PM0
8/28/19Ship Creek6:00 PM8:15 PM0
8/29/19Ship Creek6:50 PM8:50 PM0
8/30/19Ship Creek7:00 PM9:00 PM0
8/30/19Ship Creek6:55 AM8:50 AM0
8/31/19Ship Creek7:00 PM9:00 PM0
8/31/19Ship Creek7:30 AM9:30 AM4
9/1/19Ship Creek5:00 PM7:00 PM3
9/2/19Ship Creek6:57 AM9:02 AM6
9/3/19Ship Creek5:45 PM7:50 PM0
9/4/19Ship Creek8:45 AM10:20 AM0
9/5/19Ship Creek9:13 AM11:38 AM0
9/6/19Ship Creek10:45 AM12:44 AM0
9/7/19Ship Creek12:20 PM1:20 PM8
9/7/19Ship Creek12:20 PM1:40 PM0
9/8/19Ship Creek1:44 PM3:44 PM0
9/9/19Ship Creek2:45 PM4:45 PM0
9/11/19Ship Creek4:11 PM6:11 PM0
9/12/19Ship Creek4:23 PM6:19 PM0
9/13/19Ship Creek3:45 PM6:15 PM2
9/13/19Ship Creek7:32 AM9:34 AM0
9/14/19Ship Creek8:04 AM10:04 AM0
9/14/19Ship Creek4:15 PM6:15 PM0
9/15/19Ship Creek8:30 AM10:50 AM2
9/16/19Ship Creek4:00 PM6:00 PM0
9/17/19Ship Creek7:47 AM9:47 AM3
9/19/19Ship Creek7:58 AM9:58 AM0
9/20/19Ship Creek8:40 AM9:40 AM5
9/22/19Ship Creek10:30 AM12:40 PM14
9/23/19Ship Creek12:25 PM2:33 PM2
9/24/19Ship Creek1:55 PM3:55 PM1
9/25/19Ship Creek2:54 PM4:54 PM0
9/26/19Ship Creek3:30 PM5:30 PM0
9/27/19Ship Creek3:30 PM5:30 PM0
9/28/19Ship Creek4:00 PM6:00 PM0
9/28/19Ship Creek7:30 AM9:30 AM0
9/29/19Ship Creek3:30 PM5:30 PM0
9/29/19Ship Creek8:28 AM10:28 AM0
9/30/19Ship Creek5:30 PM7:30 PM0
10/1/19Ship Creek8:36 AM10:38 AM12
10/1/19Ship Creek6:45 PM7:40 PM0
10/3/19Ship Creek8:12 AM10:12 AM4
10/4/19Ship Creek9:10 AM11:00 AM0
10/5/19Ship Creek10:14 AM12:14 PM0
10/6/19Ship Creek11:20 AM1:40 PM0

Bird Point / Mile Marker 95.2 Pullout

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
8/15/19Mile 95.2 Pullout6:55 AM9:21 AM9
8/16/19Mile 95.2 Pullout7:56 AM9:56 AM14
8/17/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:26 AM10:26 AM7
8/17/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:26 AM10:26 AM7
8/18/19Mile 95.2 Pullout9:06 AM11:06 AM10
8/19/19Mile 95.2 Pullout9:40 AM11:40 AM17
8/20/19Mile 95.2 Pullout10:14 AM12:14 PM14
8/21/19Mile 95.2 Pullout10:00 AM12:10 PM17
8/23/19Mile 95.2 Pullout12:15 PM2:30 PM7
8/24/19Mile 95.2 Pullout1:55 PM3:55 PM16
8/25/19Mile 95.2 Pullout3:32 PM5:32 PM3
8/26/19Mile 95.2 Pullout4:52 PM6:52 PM6
8/27/19Mile 95.2 Pullout5:50 PM7:50 PM10
8/28/19Mile 95.2 Pullout6:38 PM8:38 PM10
8/29/19Mile 95.2 Pullout7:15 PM9:20 PM1
8/31/19Mile 95.2 Pullout7:47 AM9:47 AM43
8/31/19Bird Point7:30 PM9:30 PM10
9/1/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:09 AM10:09 AM6
9/2/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:45 AM10:55 AM47
9/3/19Mile 95.2 Pullout9:31 AM11:45 AM28
9/4/19Bird Point10:34 AM12:34 AM21
9/5/19Bird Point11:32 AM1:44 PM21
9/6/19Mile 95.2 Pullout12:45 PM3:15 PM8
9/7/19Mile 95.2 Pullout1:10 PM4:25 PM14
9/8/19Mile 95.2 Pullout3:44 PM5:44 PM0
9/9/19Bird Point4:35 PM6:36 PM0
9/10/19Mile 95.2 Pullout5:33 PM7:33 PM26
9/11/19Bird Point6:00 PM8:11 PM13
9/13/19Mile 95.2 Pullout7:10 AM9:05 AM4
9/14/19Mile 95.2 Pullout6:40 PM8:30 PM15
9/15/19Mile 95.2 Pullout7:31 AM9:31 AM14
9/16/19Bird Point8:05 AM10:05 AM53
9/17/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:47 AM10:47 AM11
9/17/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:47 AM10:47 AM11
9/19/19Mile 95.2 Pullout9:44 AM11:59 AM4
9/20/19Mile 95.2 Pullout10:25 AM12:20 PM1
9/21/19Mile 95.2 Pullout11:37 AM1:40 AM10
9/23/19Mile 95.2 Pullout2:30 PM4:12 PM17
9/24/19Mile 95.2 Pullout3:55 PM5:55 PM14
9/25/19Mile 95.2 Pullout4:54 PM6:54 PM8
9/26/19Bird Point5:41 PM7:21 PM6
9/27/19Bird Point5:55 PM7:35 PM12
9/27/19Mile 95.2 Pullout5:45 PM7:45 PM28
10/3/19Mile 95.2 Pullout8:15 AM10:15 AM4
10/4/19Mile 95.2 Pullout9:02 AM11:07 AM39
10/5/19Mile 95.2 Pullout10:10 AM12:14 PM24
10/6/19Mile 95.2 Pullout11:35 AM2:10 PM36

Twentymile River

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
8/15/19Twentymile River8:13 AM10:13 AM0
8/18/19Twentymile River9:36 AM11:36 AM0
8/19/19Twentymile River10:10 AM12:10 PM9
8/20/19Twentymile River10:50 AM12:50 AM0
8/27/19Twentymile River6:20 PM8:20 PM0
8/28/19Twentymile River7:08 PM9:08 PM3
8/30/19Twentymile River7:51 AM9:52 AM3
8/31/19Twentymile River8:19 AM10:26 AM7
9/1/19Twentymile River8:39 AM10:39 AM5
9/2/19Twentymile River9:49 AM11:49 AM4
9/3/19Twentymile River10:10 AM12:00 PM12
9/4/19Twentymile River11:34 AM1:34 PM6
9/11/19Twentymile River7:03 PM9:03 PM4
9/15/19Twentymile River8:39 AM10:39 AM0
9/17/19Twentymile River9:42 AM11:42 AM15
9/18/19Twentymile River10:40 AM12:35 PM0
9/19/19Twentymile River10:58 AM12:59 AM30
9/24/19Twentymile River5:10 PM7:00 PM0
9/28/19Twentymile River7:45 AM9:45 AM0
10/4/19Twentymile River12:09 PM2:09 PM4

Kenai River

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
8/16/19Kenai Bluffs5:05 PM7:10 PM1
8/21/19Kenai Bluffs7:06 PM9:15 PM0
8/24/19Kenai Bluffs10:41 AM12:39 AM0
8/25/19Kenai Bluffs12:11 PM2:11 PM0
8/25/19Kenai River (Mile 4)12:11 PM2:11 PM0
8/26/19Cunningham Park1:00 PM3:00 PM0
8/26/19Cunningham Park1:00 PM3:00 PM0
8/27/19Kenai Bluffs2:19 PM4:19 PM0
8/28/19Kenai Bluffs3:07 PM5:08 PM0
8/28/19Salamatof Beach6:50 PM7:15 PM5
8/29/19Cunningham Park3:47 PM5:47 PM0
9/1/19Kenai Bluffs1:30 PM3:40 PM0
9/2/19Kenai Bluffs2:45 PM4:41 PM8
9/3/19Kenai Bluffs3:30 PM4:40 PM7
9/5/19Kenai Bluffs5:05 PM7:10 PM5
9/7/19Kenai Bluffs8:00 AM10:00 AM0
9/8/19Kenai Bluffs9:23 AM12:20 PM5
9/8/19Kenai Bluffs9:23 AM12:20 AM5
9/8/19Kenai Bluffs7:55 PM9:10 PM0
9/8/19Cunningham Park10:58 AM1:05 AM0
9/9/19Kenai Bluffs10:31 AM12:16 PM10
9/10/19Kenai Bluffs10:55 AM1:15 PM0
9/11/19Kenai Bluffs11:48 AM1:48 PM9
9/12/19Kenai Bluffs11:52 AM2:50 PM10
9/12/19Cunningham Park1:47 PM4:00 PM0
9/13/19Kenai Bluffs12:30 PM3:20 PM10
9/14/19Kenai Bluffs12:55 PM3:20 PM10
9/14/19Cunningham Park1:30 PM4:30 PM0
9/16/19Kenai Bluffs1:40 PM3:10 AM0
9/16/19Kenai River (Mile 4)6:00 PM8:00 PM15
9/17/19Kenai Bluffs2:35 PM4:35 PM0
9/17/19Cunningham Park3:30 PM5:00 PM0
9/18/19Kenai Bluffs2:55 PM4:30 PM0
9/19/19Kenai Bluffs3:13 PM5:30 PM9
9/22/19Wildlife Viewing Platform12:36 PM1:40 PM7
9/22/19Wildlife Viewing Platform2:00 PM2:00 PM0
9/23/19Kenai Bluffs9:10 AM9:40 AM7
9/24/19Kenai Bluffs9:52 AM11:52 AM26
9/25/19Kenai Bluffs10:22 AM12:25 AM6
9/25/19Kenai Bluffs10:15 AM12:45 AM10
9/26/19Kenai Bluffs11:30 AM1:15 PM9
9/26/19Kenai Bluffs10:39 AM1:30 PM20
9/27/19Kenai Bluffs1:57 PM3:35 PM5
9/27/19Kenai Bluffs11:40 AM2:20 PM12
9/27/19Kenai Bluffs5:35 PM6:45 PM11
9/27/19Cunningham Park2:50 PM5:15 PM5
9/29/19Kenai Bluffs1:00 PM3:05 PM0
9/30/19Kenai Bluffs1:43 PM3:43 PM0
9/30/19Wildlife Viewing Platform2:20 PM4:05 PM0
10/1/19Kenai Bluffs1:51 PM3:55 PM0
10/3/19Kenai Bluffs2:10 PM5:16 PM5
10/6/19Kenai Bluffs11:04 AM1:04 PM8

Kasilof River

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
8/25/19Kasilof River9:05 AM11:10 AM0
8/26/19Kasilof River11:20 AM1:00 PM0
8/26/19Kasilof River11:20 AM12:40 PM0
9/1/19Kasilof River2:18 PM4:18 PM0
9/4/19Kasilof River4:27 PM6:27 PM0
9/8/19Kasilof River9:50 AM11:50 AM0
9/12/19Kasilof River12:30 PM3:00 PM0
9/13/19Kasilof River1:14 PM3:16 PM0
9/15/19Kasilof River1:55 PM3:35 PM0
9/17/19Kasilof River2:30 PM5:05 PM0
9/19/19Kasilof River3:25 PM5:35 PM0
9/22/19Kasilof River10:00 AM11:30 AM0
9/30/19Kasilof River1:30 PM4:00 PM0

Other Sites

DateMonitoring SiteSession StartSession EndBelugas Observed
9/4/19Beluga Point6:40 PM7:53 PM11
9/13/19Beluga Point2:25 PM6:29 PM0
9/14/19Beluga Point3:09 PM8:04 PM0
9/21/19Beluga Point9:40 AM12:10 PM0
10/3/19Portage /Placer Rivers11:15 AM1:20 PM5