After much consideration we have decided to host a monitoring season from August 15th – November 15th.

However, there will be some modifications, click here to find out what you need to know or to refresh your monitoring skills!

Cook Inlet Beluga Outreach

Belugapalooza: Paint Your Own Beluga

With Defenders of Wildlife, Beluga Whale Alliance, and local Alaskan artist Kari Becker learn about Cook Inlet belugas while learning how to paint our beautiful endangered whales. (Link)

Animated Short: Belugas Count!

ADF&G teamed with partners NOAA Fisheries, Defenders of Wildlife, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Friends of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, and Beluga Whale Alliance to create a Belugas Count! animated short. (Link)

Storymap: Defending Cook Inlet Belugas

Learn it all about Cook Inlet belugas with Defenders of Wildlife’s storymap. (Link)

Short Video: Cook Inlet Beluga Whales in our backyard!

ADF&G video about our Cook Inlet beluga whales and how you can help. (Link)

Short Video: Working Together to Recover the Endangered Cook Inlet Beluga

Defenders of Wildlife’s video informs you how these animals are unique and what is threatening them. (Link)

Worksheet: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Graphing Activity

Defenders of Wildlife’s worksheet teaches you how scientists count these animals and allows you to graph the changes in the Cook Inlet beluga population over the years. (Link)

Wildlife Wednesday Presentation: Belugas in our backyard

This Alaska Wildlife Alliance’s Wildlife Wednesday virtual presentation is given by Dr. Alison Gardell and Teresa Becher. They update you on fall 2019 beluga monitoring with a focus on the Kenai River. (Link)

Our Beluga Monitoring in the News

KTVA 11 News Segment

Volunteer citizen scientists monitor beluga whales in Cook Inlet, Sep, 2019 (Link)

Kenai Peninsula Clarion Article

Citizen Science Beluga Monitoring Effort to Begin on Kenai, Kasilof Rivers, Aug, 2019 (Link)

Anchorage Daily News Article

Citizen Scientists Sought for Monitoring of Cook Inlet Belugas, Aug, 2019 (Link)

Glacier City Gazette Article

Making a Difference for Belugas, Aug, 2019 (Link)

Kenai Peninsula Clarion Article

Researcher Finds Many Cook Inlet Belugas Visit in Spring: May, 2018 (Link)

Radio Interview with KDLL in Kenai

Studying Cook Inlet’s White Whales with Citizen Science: May, 2018 (Link)

Glacier City Gazette Article

Beluga Whale Alliance Monitors Cook Inlet Belugas: Apr, 2018

Kenai Peninsula Clarion Article

Researcher Looks at Beluga Use of the Kenai River: Apr, 2018 (Link)