Click the site you would like to signup for a monitoring session at

The Point is a new site and we are very happy for the support of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to make this happen. We are grateful to have them apart of the team! Directions for monitoring this new site can be found here.



Only ONE volunteer from a monitoring session should enter data from that session.

It is important for us to collect a digital copies or physical copy of the datasheets from the monitoring sessions. This allows for quality assurance and accuracy of the data. Use your phone (or camera) to take a photo and upload the image to the folder below. Save your datasheets using the format: Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName

Protip: Scannable is a really useful app that makes this process easier. If you are not able to do this, please arrange with the AKBMP coordinator to turn in all your datasheets by the end of the season.

If you were able to take any photos of belugas during your monitoring session, please upload to folder below.

Click the fold associated with the site you took photos at and create a new folder with this format: Site_MMDDYY_FirstName_LastName. Add all photos to the folder you just created.


Only enter data to the AKBMP database if it is from an AKBMP monitoring session. Any opportunistic beluga whale sightings should be reported to our partner, the Cook Inlet Beluga Photo-ID Project.

Spring Season

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